Oh guess what it is March oh and guess what else? I am going to manage your masturbation for the whole Month of March and since at the time of this post we are already 3 days into March it means…STOP MASTURBATING RIGHT Now!!!! Read the rest of this post and keep your horny hands off yourself!

Are you ready to be controlled and managed? Are you tired of the same old same old masturbation routine? Is this you? Turn on porn oil up your cock and wank away…..2-3 mins later blow a little load and done. Well why not make it more exciting … why not spice up your masturbation routine. Give up control over when and how you get to jerk off for the month of March and enjoy some meaningful explosive orgasms!

This is not for those denied or in chastity this is for those who like jerking off and cumming…. but perhaps a bit too much when left to your own devices. Contact me ASAP and lets work on what you should be doing instead…perhaps a bit of edging and delay. Think about this waking up in the morning with a raging hard on and having instructions on what you should do.

Just you giving me the control to DICKtate where when and how is a turn on in itself isn’t it? Having me in your ear telling you how fast or slow or what method to use or item to hump is fucking hot! In fact you are sporting a chubbie right now aren’t you stroker? Make the Most out of March with me in full control and managing your masturbation.

Please note you must do a session of some sort in order for me to manage your Masturbation. You have a few options to do this either call/text session/paid e-mail

Mail me at Constance@enchantrixempire.com for any questions or to get started
Tweet me at @MissCostance
Call me at 1-800-356-6169