Many of my fans know I love twitter and I love interacting with everyone on there soooooo Live Twitter Chats are coming! These chats will be hosted by ladies here at ldw/enchantrix and will be centered on one topic for each chat. If you are not on twitter sign up and give me a follow @MissConstance and you can then participate in these live chats.

How will the live twitter chats work

There will be a date and time announced along with the topic we will be discussing. We will be using the hashtag #EnchantrixEmpireChat in ever single chat so all y you have to do is follow that hash tag and you will be sure to see anything we share. Along with the empire hashtag we will use the topic as a hashtag as well so #Chastity #FootFetish those sorts of things. So all you have to do is have twitter, follow the hash tag for enchantrixempire and show up at the time of the live chat.

Live chats will consist of

The Mistresses asking questions about the topic, sharing insight into the topic from personal experience, as well as sharing images that might be relevant to the topic we are discussing. We plan to keep host these chats on a regular basis with a minimum of 30 minutes but they may go longer if many are interested and participating.

What topics would you like to see covered

So I want to know what topics would you like to chat about? What kinks are you interested in but would love to have more information before trying? What things do you read or hear of that you have questions or concerns about.? These chats will be fun and informative so join in and lets have some fun! Leave your topic ideas in my comments or mail me and lets get the fun started.

Stay tuned

Be sure to stay tuned and keep an eye out here on my blog for the time and date of our very first twitter chat and dont worry if you are new I can always help you with twitter just ask.