Are you a member of the little penis club? Do you have less than 4 inches rock hard? Do you understand that a little dick like yours could never satisfy a woman like me? I sure hope you understand that last one because I would hate to have to embarrass you ( okay I lie I love it) and announce it to the world.

What is a little penis

Well as I said in my opening if your less than 4 inches you have a tiny dick. There is nothing you can do with that little thing except amuse your Lady. If you are in denial about your penis size it is time to face the facts. You are un fuckable, un suckable, undesirable in bed period. I am telling you what all women think so don’t try to give me any well it is not the size that matters…that’s a lie women made up to make men feel better!

Stop wasting women’s time

It is time for all of you with a little penis to stop wasting the time of the women you are with. Own your tiny penis status, be up front and stop pretending to be “The Man”!  I assure you when a women gets a look at your tiny member she is NOT thinking “Oh what a stud”! In fact she is thinking oh man fuck my life I wanted to be fucked hard tonight not bored!

Little penis club

Now embrace your little penis and join the little penis club. How do you join? Well simply respond to this blog with your name ( whatever one you want to use) and declare for all my many readers you have a little dick! For example “I am Mike and I have a little penis!” You can follow that up with sending me a picture of your tiny penis to go into my tiny penis collection. Will I share that online NO but will I show it to other ladies and even my friend YES.

little penis