HI there feminization fans! I wanted to share with all of you that we have a brand spanking new page on facebook that replaces the sissy school page we had. It is names sissyville go here to like and follow the page I am even going to sweeten the pot for you all to encourage you to like and follow us.

For every follow we get and keep I will put 1 minute into a free call pot. Now from today all the way through march I will be counting the new likes and taking note of who liked the page. For every new like we get 1 minute goes into the pot …. to discourage fake accounts we have to keep those new likes for a minimum of 30 days and if someone likes it who has a brand new profile that like will not count.

On April first I will be announcing how many free minutes I am going to be giving away and choose from the new likes/followers for the winner of that free call. It will be a random draw of the name to keep things fair.

This means if 60 people join our new page I will be giving away one free hour of phone sex with me! If that number goes higher with real legitimate likes I will just keep adding to it. So be sure to share and contribute to the page so that we get a fuck ton of followers!

So are you ready to join me on our facebook sissyville page? I will be sharing tweets and posting on the sissyville page with updates on how many new followers we have and how big the free phone sex pot is getting, so keep an eye out for those updates!