Well, I had teased about it last month, and now we have the official date and time set for Ms. Andi and me to host our very first Jack Off event. This is a special jerking off event which will be held as a group explicit chat that is sure to have you stroking those horny cocks and blowing those creamy loads for the two of us. Please note, for this event we will be focusing on guided masturbation and stroking. We are thinking about doing other kink events in the future, so feel free to give some feedback on what type of kink you would like us to do.

When is this jerking off event?

We will be holding it on January 19th at 9 pm Eastern. This will be held in a special private chat room that is not open to traffic and only accessible to those who have signed up and paid the fee. Please follow this link to sign up.

How much is the cost?

The fee is $10.00 per person, and as long as we have 10 or more people signed up for the event, it will be one hour long. If by the sign up cut off date of January 18th at 12 pm Eastern we have less than 10 people, it will be just as hot, but we will only offer it for 30 minutes.

How this works.

Once you have paid the fee and signed up, you will have access to the chat room designated just for the Jack Off Club. Those who are attending will all be in the same chat with Ms. Andi and me, and we will begin to take control. You will be given explicit and detailed jerking off instructions that will be sure to make that cock hard and throbbing.

Much like a one-on-one sexy texting session where you get the same naughty and explicit talk you would if on the phone, the Jack Off Club will offer the same thing, only in a group setting.

Ready for the hotness the two of us are going to bring?

If you are even a little intrigued by this event, but not sure, please feel free to contact me and ask me anything you like. This will be our first event, and we plan to make it the best! You can expect some explicit audios along with our sexy words and jerk off guidance. For those of you currently denied by me, I will consider allowing you to cum if you attend this event. CONSIDER, no guarantees. So if you want to take your chances and find out if I will let you cum, you must attend.

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