We often talk about dressing our sissy girl’s in frilly girly or slutty clothing today I wanted to talk about dressing them up in evening wear for very special occasions. This blog was inspired by a very classy girl Connie from chat whom I have had the pleasure to get to know and even help pick out some sexy evening wear for a classy night out….thank you Connie for reminding me and everyone that being a cross dresser or sissy girl can be an elegant classy thing not just a horny slutty thing.

Preparing to dress

Now before we even get to the dress and accessories that go with dressing up we need to discuss the preparation a sissy girl or cross dressing man has to go through. Start with a nice hot girly bubble bath, this will release your day’s tension as well as fill your mind with soft feminine thoughts, with every breath you take you will inhale that soft girly scent from your bubbles and it will create a feminine state of mind. Then you can begin to prep shaving your legs and under arms as well as any other body hair not fitting for a woman. Once done with that you can lotion up your freshly shaved body with some feminine moisturizer to give your skin that sexy glow you admire on women.

Proper undergarments

Every sissy girl and cross dressing man should have the proper undergarments to give them that sexy feminine look and feel and trust me ladies a sexy peer of thigh highs does wonders to make you feel even more feminine. I would suggest a bra with the appropriate sized breast forms for the dress, panties of course and a garter belt and stockings. If your do not have a feminine shape and feel like you need more curves they have done wonders with the new body shaping undergarments so look into them if you want a bit more curvy feminine shape.

Classy Not Trashy

It is important when dressing in an evening gown to look classy not trashy so spend some time and a little extra money to get the look that best fits you. A sequin floor length gown with a slit up the side says sexy not slutty and something that is slightly low cut can emphasize your best assets without exposing all your business to the world. I have helped a few cross dressing and sissy girl  phone sex callers pick out the right look and color to best fit their body and skin tone so please do not be shy to ask for advice and shopping help, after all who better to ask then a woman when trying to look and feel more feminine.

Accessories that flatter

You do not want to overdo it when dressing in an evening gown more often than not the gown itself is a statement and you will need very little to enhance it, a classy pair of heels is all you need not a 5 inch pair of stilettos and perhaps a pair of dangling earrings to frame your face is all you will need again it depends on the dress but less is more remember that when dressing up. Your hair style depends on you I prefer an up do when dressing up it looks and feels elegant and classy. Your sissy eye make up again should be classy not trashy don’t overdo it like a drag queen take the time to apply your making to enhance your features not over exaggerate them, sexy smoky eyes with just a hint of blush to give your cheeks color and accentuate your cheek bones and some classy lip stick to enhance your lips not slutty red or hot pink to shock everyone. Your nails should also be done I happen to have natural nails but tasteful acrylic nails are fine too in a color that shows off your dress not clash with it, and there is no need to get super long nails, your nails should make your hands look sexier not over power your hands and look trashy. And finally a small spritz or two of your favorite perfume (do not bathe in it) and a small coordinating evening bag and you’re set for an elegant classy night out.

This is how you dress for a classy evening out if you’re looking for tips and help finding just the right thing for your evening out feel free to contact me I am always willing to help you sexy classy cross dressers and sissy girls out. E-mail Constance@enchantrixempire.com and my Yahoo screen name is EmpressConstance and of course you can always call me for some one on one sissy consultation