So I have met many guys via the phone and even in person who have the kink of wanting to eat cum for me. I have helped countless men get over the hump and do so. but there is always those who have good intentions but just cant seem to do it. So this blog is for those who are hesitant cum eaters who also have a sweet tooth he he he

Lollipop cum eating

So here is what you do…ya go get ya some lollipops whatever is your favorite a BLOW pop might be appropriate for this hahahaha. Now you edged over and over as per usual building up your desire to cum and also eat that fum. Just before you blow get that lollipop at the head of that dick and jizz all over it as best you can. Without thinking slip it in your mouth and suck the cum off mmmmmmmm cummie sweet treat for you to eat!

Cum Gum

This idea is brought to you by a member of enchantrix empire out kinky adult social network site we own and operate. I believe it was jaggoff who suggested it. So get your favorite gum if it is small get a few pieces and line them up. Go about your usual jerk off routine again edging and building up that load. When the moment come for you to cum you squirt all over the gum and slip it in your mouth and chew. You will get the cum and the gum flavor and it will help you get over that cum eating hump you are stuck on!

Need help

I am just a phone call away to help you achieve your cum eating desires so don’t hesitate to reach out! I love helping you all get over the humps and obstacles you have that are keeping you from all your kinky dreams!

By Gord Webster - originally posted to Flickr as Pop: appearing from nowhere, CC BY-SA 2.0,