We all know that when the holidays are here we have lots of leftovers from meals and I suggest you put those left overs to good use with some cum eating. Why not stuff yourself with some yummy holiday food coated in your jizz!

Be Thankful for Cum Eating

This is the time of year you give thanks for those things you appreciate and cum eating should be one of them! If you have eaten your cum in the past year you know how hot and fun it is not just for you but for the Mistress you are doing it for. Be thankful you have a place and ladies who are willing to make your cum eating dreams come true

So Many Leftovers for cum eating

Many of you will have turkey and stuffing why not use your own cum to coat it and enjoy some cum coated holiday left overs. You can try it out on just a small portion or you can coat the entire thing with goo and slurp it on down.

cum eating and Dessert

Another awesome thing about the holidays is that there are so many varieties of desserts from apple pie to the traditional pumpkin pie and if you are new to cum eating and food these are great items to test that cum eating food play out because they are already sweet and yummy to eat!

How do you feel about cum eating

Tell me how you feel about cum eating and incorporating it into… or well onto your food. Does it make it easier to eat if it is on food or does it make it harder to eat? Would rather take your cum straight up out of your cock? No matter what way you like to eat your cum the Holidays are perfect for cum eating and cum play so share if you like all your cum eating play with food or not.

I love   cum eating men

I love cum eating men