One thing I have always enjoyed abut my work is allowing my clients to be free. Free with who they are and their kinks. Cross dressers are a group of clients I truly cherish. One thing most every cross dresser faces is purging, I want to help with that so you keep all your pretty things.

Why I adore cross dressers

It is simple really cross dressers are sweet and have such a pull towards being in feminine clothing. They typically have had the desire to explore a more feminine side for a very long time. They crave acceptance and the ability to explore that side, and as a result are oh so grateful for a woman like me.

Safe place for feminine clothing

My first bit of advice for all cross dressers is before they go shopping for many things find a safe place for you to keep them. For instance a small storage unit, or a far away spot in the attic. Some place you can put them and they wont be found yet you can still get to when the urge to cross dress hits.

No more purging

By having a safe secure place for your feminine clothing you can easily take a break from dressing in femme. You really do not need to go to the length of throwing it all out. The need to purge is often started with feeling guilty or thinking you can stop dressing in women’s clothing. Trust me when I say I have yet to meet a cross dresser who has quit. I have met many who have purged and regretted it only to come back to it again in time and wishing they had all those lovely things they once owned.

Ask for help

If you feel yourself on the verge of purging reach out to me. Ask my advice and tell me how you are thinking. Perhaps I can or your Mistress can help guide you. We are all after the same thing your acceptance and happiness of who you are. I know I have talked many a crossdressing man off the edge of purging. I am happy to help you as well

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