Everyone knows I love chastity and the changes that happen when a man is locked in chastity. Today I want to discuss Chastity Transformation to the mind and body.

Chastity The Beginning

No matter why a man wishes to be locked in chastity, it is always thrilling to begin. Many experience extreme highs and become completely and totally aroused and desperate in a short amount of time. Your first chastity device is likely to be a larger one that does not fit properly, but for the beginner, it will do. If you are unsure if chastity is for you, do not spend much money on a cage. Unlike in years, past devices can be found just about anywhere online. Amazon sells charity devices, for goodness sake!

Chastity Transformation the Mental changes

Most chastity slaves find themselves feeling more submissive and controlled. This is a good thing! Being locked in a chastity cage leaves your mind wandering and rethinking past sexual experiences. Basically, you have more time to think about things when you are not jerking off. You may say my sex life has been great. Why am I locked? Others will start to realize that being locked in chastity is exactly what should happen.

There is a special group that realizes locked in chastity is the only way they should be. You have never satisfied a woman sexually and thus should not be allowed to get an erection that would be useless to most every woman on the planet. Those of you who find yourself more at home locked up and taken out of the “fucking pool” should consider long-term chastity.

Long Term Chastity Transformation The Physical

Long-term chastity is not for everyone. There are many that feel a week is long-term, and in this instance, physical changes do not really happen.  My long-term chastity pets have indeed seen physical changes. Of course, they have been locked up for a very long time, in one case, multiple years!  One thing all my long-term chastity pets have in common is shrinkage.

Yes, shrinkage is a very real thing. Remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it. What is amazing to me is just how much shrinkage can occur. With every new chastity device having to be smaller and smaller, it is mind-blowing how tiny a penis gets when locked in chastity. To have all those devices lined up side by side and see the difference from one to another will certainly shock you.

Chastity Transformation

Shrinkage in chastity can = pussy free life

Now that you are locked in chastity. You have felt the mental and physical Chastity transformation happening and are firmly committed to chastity. It is time for you to give up pussy forever. What does a shrunken dicklette, clit, nub, or skin tag have to offer a woman and her pussy? The answer is obvious Nothing. For those of you panicking right now, chill out this is not for you. For those of you aching, twitching and thinking, my god, this is hot…..come to my office. We really must chat!