I know that it is Masturbation May and everyone in the world seems to be celebrating…well everyone but those of you locked in chastity that is! Well no fear I decided to make a little chastity tease for all of you who cant masturbate during this month.

You want to stroke

You are sitting there thinking fuck I am locked in chastity and cant stroke my cock. Why does everyone get to jerk off in May BUT me?? Well sweetie I am going to let you jerk off ….just not with your dick hahahaha yes I am a tease and YES this is a total chastity tease one that will have you aching in your cage!

Grab a dildo

That’s right you heard me grab a nice meaty fat life like dildo….this is what you get to jerk off hahahahahaha Now I want you to lube that dildo up and wrap your hand around it just like you used to do before you were locked up. We all know I love a nice wet shiny cock slipping in and out of a hand……and well this chastity tease will have you doing just that only not with your dick

Stroke that dick

You heard me pump it and squeeze it and feel your dick that has shrunken while locked in chastity begin to press against the bars of your chastity cage! Fell your hand gliding up and down that dick while the ache between your legs grows and grows…..but becayse this is a chastity tease the only thing growing is the ache in that cage not your dick!

Chastity tease makes you drip

Now slip that dick between your legs and have it sticking up from between them just like you would if you were allowed to unlock that chastity device and hold your actual dick. Squeeze your legs around it and really start to jack that cock off…or um dildo hahahaha ohh I bet by now this chastity tease has that dick  dripping pre cum….mmmmmmmmm use it for lube or lick it up because that’s the ONLY thing allowed out of that locked up denied dick!

Listen to the fun audio I created for this blog and if you can handle the chastity tease follow along and do as I say in the audio and in this post. Oh but just because it is Masturbation May does not mean you will be cumming hahahahahaha

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chastity tease for masturbation may