So here you are at my blog again and you see the topic is CFNM so now your all excited because you just so happen to love this kink. Well I wanted to share about why I enjoy CFNM and it is not always about the humiliation factor of you being naked and exposed and having to perform for me….although who are we kidding it IS a part of it for sure!

I like naked men

See long before I knew what CFNM was I enjoyed being dressed when I was with a lover and seeing his naked body long before he saw mine. There is something fascinating about the naked male body, and I tend to be mesmerized by it. Unlike women… when a man gets aroused there is absolutely no hiding it. I can see his cock grow and I can gauge what to say or do next just by watching his naked body….that’s fucking HOT

What makes your naked cock twitch

So I have played a bit with the cfnm kink and find it super interesting that even with men who have no clue that’s why they are naked and I am clothed, that I can see exactly what makes them tick or well THICK as the case may be hahahaha. For instance one man I was with  was naked, his amazing cock exposed while I was still in the sun dress I wore to his house….well he got harder and his dick jumped every time I licked my lips. I didn’t know he looked at my lips so much let alone the fact when I licked them it made him hornier….see fascinating right?

Calling him out on it

So I said to him ohh do you get hotter when I lick my lips babe? He looked at me with a shocked look on his face and said what? I smiled and took just the tip of my tongue and ran it over my lips and he watched and  again his dick twitched….I said see that right there and I was shocked to see him blush…..he said fuck. I said babe it is cool you are naked I can see everything and I can tell what is making you hotter and what isn’t…..he mumbled it wasn’t fair and I laughed. It was at that point I thought to myself how being a cock tease and cfnm go hand in hand I fucking love it and cant wait to tease more naked men!

cfnm get naked for me