Happy almost cocktober everyone! A month where we can celebrate your cock! Now don’t go getting too excited I may celebrate your cock but that does not guarantee you an orgasm hehehehe

cocktober stroker challange

Cocktober stroking

If you are someone who just can NOT do chastity for whatever reason well we will simply make cocktober all about the stroking. Notice I said stroking not cumming right? See for me to truly enjoy this month you are either going to be locked up or stroking and edging for me daily but no orgasms!

So if chastity is out here is what I want you to do….stroke that cock every day in cocktober…..every single day for a minimum of 30 minutes. No cumming just edging. If you can commit to that perhaps at the end of this month I will allow you one explosive orgasm.


Now if you are someone into chastity or currently locked by me cocktober turns into locktober for you with no getting out! If you are new to chastity I don’t expect you to spend the whole month locked but at least commit to 24 hours once a week during locktober.

If you are currently locked or a chastity slut you are to stay locked all fucking month no release no edging just locked the fuck up! If you are able to  to handle it perhaps I will reward you at the end of the month but you wont know till you try and commit.

chastity for locktober

Call me to participate

If you want to be celebrating either cocktober or locktober with me you should set up a call to get things rolling. I am all too happy to help you celebrate one hell of a fun fucking month