I am in the business of turning men on and leaving them ache with blue balls….yes and you love it too so don’t act all shocked. There is nothing like being hard and horny and aching and left that way. You know as well as I do it keeps you horny and on edge and we both love it.

Blue Balls keep you turned on

Yes anyone reading this knows that when you have been worked up and left horny you stay turned on. Everything you see, hear and even smell makes that dick twitch when you have blue balls. That is my goal with you tease lovers….leaving you aching and horny every day.

Blue Balls for days-weeks-months

Most of you have experienced my cock teasing and been left with blue balls for days. This is fun but there are some that are left with blue balls for weeks! Oh and even more left horny and aching for months! It takes a special tease toy to handle the weeks and months so don’t feel bad if you cant handle it. I would never personally leave myself horny for hours let alone days or weeks hahahaha!

You’re denied but I can cum

That’s right one thing for all you horny denied strokers to remember is I get to cum. While I have you edge that cock over and over denying you and hang up the phone with you having cum filled blue balls…I get to have as many orgasms as I like. Oh and how I love to rub it in when we talk sharing my total while you are denied!

You love it and you know it

You blue balled loving fans out there know you love it. You might whine, beg, plead  and even call me a bitch but you know you fucking love it. So for you unique group I plan on leaving you denied an orgasm  with cum filled horny balls for as long as possible hope you can handle it!

blue balls make me happy