Blue Balls are a real thing and if you look it up online it is described as excruciating pain a man feels when his balls are swollen from not cumming either by choice or in the way of someone like me a cock tease. Lets discuss blue balls today and see where everyone weighs in on the topic.

Blue Balls by choice

How many of you guys look to have that aching feeling of blue balls by choice? I know many of my tease and denial callers WANT me to leave them aching throbbing and with full swollen blue balls. I wont lie and say I do it for them, because I have to be honest I love giving a man blue balls, the grunts the groans and oh those moans of orgasm denial  just makes me excited!

Blue balls by accident

How many of you have been with a man/woman and ended up with a case of blue balls by accident? Either someone walked in and interrupted you or the person you were with just suddenly stopped. Do you think it truly was on accident or do you think they knew they were leaving you with full achy balls?

Do blue balls really hurt that bad

So as per urban dictionary it describes them as excruciating pain. Would you say that is accurate or a little bit over blown? I am leaning towards over blown because if it was THAT painful why would so many choose to be teased and denied? From my understand of men’s balls only a small group of men enjoy pain in that area… chime in here having them excruciating?

How do you feel after a cock tease session

When you have been left with aching blue balls after a cock tease session how does it make you feel? Weak and wanting more? Weak and needing to cum? Full and enjoying the ache and the discomfort of having such swollen blue balls?

blue balls make me hot