So Sunday is my birthday and it has been brought to my attention my wish list on amazon just has hardly anything on it for people to choose from. Well that is because I haven’t though really of anything I want/need and if I do need or want something it is on the wish list. I do not have large things on my wish list because as you know everything gets shipped to the office before coming to me and shipping is tough when things are heavy and bulky. So in the interest of giving you some ideas about Birthday gifts here are some for you to think about

My amazon wish list has a few things I would like so check there  and if you don’t want to get me one of the few things on the list you can simply send me an amazon gift card Here is the link to my wish list

I am taking a road trip at the end of November so any type of gift card to major gas stations ( traveling from Florida to Tennessee)

Target Gift card you can go to and send me an e-mail gift card

Walmart gift card go to and send the e-mail gift card

Ulta gift card send the e-mail gift card

Virtual bouquet

You can also just pick something you would love for me to have it does not have to be a gift card or off my wish list. I enjoy the thoughtfulness that goes into my gifts and I am very touched anyone even recognizes and spoils me on my birthday so anything you send will be appreciated.

You could also just write me a lovely little note which is very thoughtful an appreciated. Of course you can also write a shout out for the birthday bash coming up on cock radio n the 25th of this month. Here is the details on the show and how to join.

Just know that even if you do not send me a gift or wish me a happy birthday I will not be upset it is not who I am……I am a  grateful Mistress for even the smallest of things so please do not stress out over my birthday gift.

Have a great day everyone