Happy Hump Day Everyone! Here is my latest ask Mistress post with your questions and my answers/opinions to them. If you want to ask me anything please feel free to do so by using my Ask Mistress tab right here on my blog

Dear Mistress:
What would you prefer long term chastity or short term chastity? And what do you consider to be long or short term?

I like them both very much to be honest. I enjoy long term chastity with a pet who craves it and handles it well and short term is always fun never had a bad experience with short term. As for what I consider short or long term I leave that to the man with the locked cock…because what might seem short to me is long for them or long to me is a drop in the bucket for them.

Dear Mistress:
I pretty much have to laugh when cock size is mentioned.if you treat a woman the way you should such as caring about her feelings her well-being,touching her properly,sincerely complimenting her.meeting her needs for the most part size is not important.it is not the size of the cock but the size of desire to please the woman.your thoughts the beautiful,thoughful Mistress Constance

All of what you said is very sweet and true to some degree and very nice…..but I make no bones about it if you have a smaller cock it won’t satisfy me I can’t help it this is just how my body responds it is not me just mentally saying NO…it is my physical reaction that makes me say why bother with a smaller one (I have tried trust me) and seek out larger cocks. Of course I don’t speak for all women this is just how I am.

Dear Mistress:
Can you tell the difference between someone being shy and being submissive? If so how? Just to be funny. Ms. Constance can say a form of fuck 52 times in one hour, but she needs help from me to do it. Hehehe

Nacho joe you are too funny I don’t need your help to say fuck but it sure is fun! Honestly I am not sure I consider all shy guys to be submissive I don’t just jump to conclusions without getting to know them. So shy and submissive can be mistaken for one another but I wouldn’t know because I never made that mistake.

Dear Mistress:
Were you ever a “party animal?” By that I mean did you regularly stay still closing time at the nightclub and after-hours club, getting home in the wee hours of the night (or morning), nursing hangovers, and maybe not remembering the night before? Or did you quickly learn that “partying till you puke” and hangovers are not as much fun as some people like to make you think they are?

Been there drank that! Hahahaha Yes I used to be a bit of a party animal in my 20’s through about mid 30’s I used to close down the club I used to come home wee hours of the morning and hell yes I have nursed my share of hangovers……but I am past all that I would also like to point out I never partied so hard I didn’t recall the night before never woke up with someone I didn’t know and never did anything I regretted hehehehe

Dear Mistress:
When taking a submissive man with a strap on, what position do you prefer him to be in? Do you like to take him doggie style from behind, or missionary style with his (hopefully stocking clad) legs and heels in the air?…….Or, in some other position?

I like them both but typically the first time I want to see his face as I slip my strap on into him. From behind is fun for some hard fast pounding but I try never to do that when using my strap on with a man for the first time

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