HI Everyone and happy hum….whoops I am a day late so we are over the hump of the week heheheh my bad! Well here it is my ask Mistress post for you all to enjoy and don’t forget if you are going to submit a question do so by using the Ask Ms. Constance tab right here on my blog.

Dear Mistress:
Are you “watch” person at all? By that I mean, do you have several (or even many) wristwatches that you wear for different occasions? For example, do you have dressy watches to wear if you are going somewhere fancy, and do you have casual watches like you would wear to the gym or for everyday errands? If you were wealthy, would you like to have collection of expensive watches like Cartier or Rolex? Or do you give a rats ass about the name and such, and a $25 Casio or Timex is fine as long as it keeps reasonably good time?

I don’t wear them to be honest haven’t in many many years…..with that said I have several watches a couple nice ones and several others including a couple M&M watches hehehehe

Dear Mistress:
How important are shoes to you? Are you one of these women who has dozens or even hundreds of pairs of shoes? How important are designer name shoes such as Jimmy Choo, Louie B, etc. to you? Do you mind giving us readers an estimate of how many pairs of shoes you have?

Not super into shoes I have about 30 pairs I would guess most of them being sandals or open toe ( florida living) As Far as designer I have a few pair of nice heels that are designer but to be honest it seems like a waste of MY money to spend hundreds if not thousands on shoes…..I will save those for the guys to buy me hahahaha

Dear Mistress:
I am really struggling to learn how to cum without jeering my Clit I have tried rubbing the tip of it but to no avail tried grinding still nothing could you please help me out if you have any ideas

I will assume you mean jerking……..first of all don’t cum unless it is done in a clitty masturbation way…this will lead to lots of horny build up which will make rubbing more effective. Reminding yourself guys jack their cocks off girls rub their clits and since you have a clit well rub. Use the palm of your hand flat down and rub like a girl.

Dear Mistress:
So we have the no cummies we are working out the chastity to be in place very soon. Is there anything in the New Year that you would like to introduce into my total and complete devotion to you?

Well I am not sure perhaps a bit of cum play ya know like you tasting it for me hehehehe

Dear Mistress:
Are you submissive or dominant when you are with a real man? I am a cuckold and my wife has a strong dominant personality but despite that, she’s very submissive to her boyfriend.

I am going to say I am neither…..I mean I always have this air of control about me but when with a lover I don’t assert that control nor do I give it up. When I am with a sexual partner it is more equal in the give and take of control.

Dear Mistress:
The sports questions last week were interesting. i think fantasy football has grown because then instead of only watching a person is participating. would you the beautiful Mistress Constance rather participate or watch as life goes on. the answer is obvious but why and do you feel that too many people watch rather than participate.Thankyou for your time devoted to the q&a each time.

You are welcome for my time for these questions and my answers. I rather participate in life watching from the sidelines is only somewhat stimulating. Going to a sex party would suck if I just watched and even when I try to just watch I end up getting in there and joining in some way. So I like to participate for sure.

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