Happy Hump Day Everyone! Well here we are at another ask Mistress and I have decided this one and perhaps next week will be my last ones. I want to thank everyone who has helped make it fun and interesting by sending in your questions. I have enjoyed it very much but after 2 solid years I have grown not to look forward to it and well you know me if it isn’t fun I am not doing it hehehehe. I still welcome your questions just e-mail them to me and I will reply….and if it is a good enough inspiring one I may turn it into a blog post. For now enjoy my next to last Ask Mistress and again thank you so much everyone

Dear Mistress:
cream pie cleaning

I assume you’re asking me if I enjoy this since all you said was the above..yes I dig it in fact require it of some cuckolds hehehehe so yes for cream pie cleaning a big old creamy YES

Dear Mistress:
Based on reading your blog and listening to your Cockradio show, you do not seem to travel much. Not that I expect you to share all of the details of your life, but for example when some of the LDW ladies will be away, they will give their followers a heads up by blogging something like “I will be on a cruise for a week starting Sunday, so I will not be available for calls,” or “I’m headed to Vegas for a few days of fun so will not be around for calls.” So, do you not travel much, or do you just not mention it? Do you like to travel, or is it not your “cup of tea?”

Well for the last few years I have done zero traveling due to being the care taker of a family member and also of my previous pup who was ill and needed daily shots. So I have not taken a vacation or traveled at all in almost 5 years…. trust me if I could I would. With that said I am not much of a happy traveler I like my home and my bed and when I did travel lots it was long weekends and such… being away for a week or weeks is not my thing.

Dear Mistress:
Your thoughts on “s _ _ t” play? (edited to take out a no no term) For me, just the thought is enough to repulse me, so I don’t get the attraction, but that’s just my opinion.

No thoughts because I don’t do nor discuss such things

Dear Mistress:
If a girls (or girls) talk openly to you (as a guy) about their love or admiration for endowed or well endowed guys do they know how tantalizing this is or can it be innocent? Sometimes girls (well often actually) will just speak openly about “love of size” – if you are a bit size challenged it lets you know that that girl is most likely out of your reach. Do girls know they are “telling you that” when they talk about size?

I am pretty sure I have answered this question in the various ways it has been asked many many times….yes girls like to talk about size and if she talks to a guy about it she clearly doesn’t see him as a like a stud but more like one of the girls. Do they know they are telling ya that I don’t know

Dear Mistress:
Why do “strict” women have such a powerful impact on me? I have been around bossy and or dominant women and they (absolutely) have a very strong impact on me and make me feel somewhat quiet and submissive which I think is my nature. But it is more rare that a woman is “very, very, strict”. On the rare occasions when that has occurred it does (something) to me physically and emotionally.

 It is not a “fantasy thing”. It really makes me feel very submissive (very) and quickly. I once had a girlfriend simply say in a “harsh firm tone” —– “I thought I told you to get that done”! (some errand). She spoke to me like I was young. The feeling rushes over me like I have to comply. Is this just what a submissive is?

I cant say for you or anyone why a strict woman has such an impact on you but the feeling of wanting to comply and please her certainly is submissive.

Dear Mistress:
My fiancée and I are planning on having a private femdom wedding shortly after our normal, public one. Do you have any advice on how to prepare it or do you know of any online resources we could use?

No Not really I am not married wouldn’t consider being married for any type of relationship. I can suggest that you perhaps google it and find out what others have done

Dear Mistress:
Can you recommend any good books on female supremacy and on how to live that lifestyle in the modern world? For both men and women.

I hate to say this but no….I simply am not a reader I can lie and goggle some things and pretend I am an expert on it but I wont….so simply google and see what’s out there and be sure to look at the reviews.

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