As your phone sex Mistress I am often asked what it is I like when being serviced by a willing submissive and their tongue, and I am often ask to guide others in sucking cock and giving great oral sex to a partner so I thought why not blog about it, keep in mind it is not my way or the highway but I will give you some pointers to get you on the right track to worshiping a pussy or even sucking a cock.

Pleasing a Pussy with your tongue

The key to giving a woman oral sex is paying attention to her body language, some women like me love it a bit more aggressive and some simply can’t handle that so pay attention to the signs she is giving you, not everyone can be as outspoken in bed as I am. Start out slow spending some time exploring her pussy lips with your tongue nice and slow don’t lick it like a melting ice cream cone take your time let your tongue explore every fold of that pussy. Slide your tongue over her clit remember when giving oral sex to a woman almost never does the insertion of your tongue into her pussy get her off it is more times than not clitoral stimulation that gets a woman off. Spend some time running your tongue over her clit and then gently suck it between your lips, if she grabs your head and shoves it in tighter then you know you can suck a bit harder and watch and feel her go crazy! While licking and sucking her clit for some women the insertion of a finger or two will send them over the edge because the combined stimulation on their clit and the feeling of something sliding into her is explosive and when worshiping pussy that is the exact effect you want to have!

Sucking Cock

One thing about sucking cock I have found to be true whether you’re a man sucking cock or a woman sucking cock there really is not much actual sucking going on…why is this? Why do so many just slide it in and out? I personally enjoy oral sex and it shows so perhaps if you practice what I preach you too will be able to please a cock as good as I do. Start out by exploring that cock use your tongue to run up and down the shaft and circle around the head, spend some time enjoying that cock growing from your wet tongue and then you can actually begin to suck it. Of course as with women each man is different but I have found no man will complain about a blow job as long as there is no teeth involved during it hehehe Here is what I like to do I like to slowly slip the head in and gently sucking it, in fact I like to draw that cock into my mouth simply my sucking it….inch by inch until it is as far as you can take it. Wrap your lips tight around it and suck YES suck it and then use the combination of sucking and stroking with your mouth, don’t just run it in and out in and out actually suck it as your doing this and you will have any man moaning and groaning in no time!

Those are just the basics of oral sex what I enjoy and how I enjoy doing it, but if you would like more detailed one on one help in performing oral sex or body worship with your tongue then feel free to give me a call because one thing is for sure I LOVE ORAL SEX!!!

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