Are you a lousy lover? Have you ever been told you suck in bed? Most men have not been told such a thing even though most if not all of their sexual partners found them to be lousy in bed…so here are a few clues that you were lousy in bed and she just didn’t have the heart to tell you

  1. She asks if you are “In yet”
  2. She yawns during sex
  3. she looks at her phone or watch during sex
  4. very obvious fake moaning and orgasm sounds
  5. you cum in 5 minutes or less
  6. you never hear back from her once you have had sex

So have any of those things happened to you with a partner? If so you can bet she didn’t enjoy herself and you are probably a lousy lover. Now you are asking if that is the case why didn’t they say anything to you well this is where I get frustrated.  Women often don’t criticize men in bed for fear of shattering their fragile egos. Yes you men have fragile egos when it comes to sex and your performance so women in general tend to say oh yes baby you were great…or yes I enjoyed it.

Men if your woman is not breathless panting and sweating after you have fucked her and she is able to hold a conversation she probably didn’t enjoy it! Take ownership of your lack of ability in the sack and ask your partner what it is that will make them cum harder than they ever have….and be prepared to do just that! Remember it takes women time to get warmed up enough to get off unlike most of you men we don’t just touch ourselves and cum…we don’t cum by you simply sticking your dick inside like many of you do…if she told you she did she has lied to you…..we shouldn’t have to lie you should do better period!

Do you have questions? Want some tips and advice from a woman who is not afraid to tell you the truth? Hit me up and lets see if I can help you become a better lover.