Happy Hump Day or well evening everyone!! I bet you all thought I forgot about this post hehehe I am just behind on it that’s all. So here you are my answers to the questions submitted to me via my Ask Ms Constance Tab right here on my blog

Dear Mistress:
Have you ever considered “permanent chastity” for one of your subbies?….if so, would that still include rare releases from the cage? Would occasional orgasms be allowed (perhaps ruined)? Or would you ever want to reach a point where there are NO releases ever (perhaps only milkings)?….Oh, and i understand long term chastity causes shrinkage….Do you enjoy shrinking a subbies penis?

I have never considered forever chastity I just don’t think it is possible because forever chastity for me would mean not getting out ever……….it would include milkings only to keep things healthy and that’s it. Yes I love the shrinkage factor in long term chastity it is a thrill and a rush!!!!

Dear Mistress:
Would you tie me to a bedframe and peg me

Yes yes yes ohh hells yes mmm hmmmmm YES

Dear Mistress:
In your last Ask Mistress post i asked what new things in the new year you might had for me and you said maybe some cum tasting. I was wondering besides the pleasure having that kind of control over someone is there something or anything else that would make you want to have someone taste or eat their own cum? Is there any other reason besides the power for having someone do that for you?

It is just fun for me to push someone’s boundaries a bit and not in an insane way and it is more about the control than anything…with that said I do love cum eaters

Dear Mistress:
When you have a sub worship your ass, do you want them to just kiss and lick your asshole or do you make them push inside for a tongue fuck? I love your ass!

Depends on my mood depends on the sub but yes I sometimes want them to worship my ass by tongue fucking me hehehe and thank you for the compliment on my ass!!!

Dear Mistress:
Have you ever in your life considered getting your nipple or nipples pierced, or has the thought of the pain or other reasons kept you from it? It’s got to hurt like a motherfucker since there are a jillion or so nerve endings in that area. But I’ve heard the pain is part of the pleasure from those few I know who’ve done it? Also, do you find nipple piercings on women or men a particular turn-on or turn-off, or are you indifferent? Or do you prefer nipples in the natural state?

HELL NO not for me not never I love some mild nipple play on myself but nothing painful I will leave that to my nipple slut Chrissy hehehehe so never considered it and never would do it. As far as others being pierced I don’t mind it makes no diff to me one way or the other to be honest.

Dear Mistress:
Have you ever considered, with any degree of seriousness, of getting a tattoo, even when you were a teen or young adult, which is when most people get their first tattoo? Or has getting yourself “inked” never even been a thought in your mind? In my opinion, if you were to get a tattoo it would be like spray painting graffiti on an alabaster statue of a goddess! But again, that’s just my opinion. As for your opinion, do you find tattoos on a man or woman to be a turn-off, or do you find them sexy and a turn-on, or are you indifferent? Does it make a difference on the size of the tattoo and/or what it says and/or is a picture of?

I once considered getting a small tattoo on my ass of the green M&M girl….but I have sensitive skin and not a huge fan of pain so I didn’t come close to getting one. With that said I don’t mind tattoos on others I don’t understand why someone would get them on their face or neck or like head to toe but hey to each their own.


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