I am running  bit behind on posting this today but here it is woo hooooooooooooo your questions my answers. If you would like to submit your own question to me please use my ask Mistress tab right here on my blog

Dear Mistress:
Can women just “tell” if a guy is submissive?

I am going to say yes and no….some women can tell when some guys are submissive but on the flip side some women have no clue. Also even me someone who deals with submissive men all the time can sometimes not tell right away.

Dear Mistress:
What do you think about Asian guys ?

Well not much, I mean I don’t have any dislike nor like for them I don’t tend to look at people based on race or anything like that I get to know the person. Now I will say the stereotype out there is that Asian men have small penis’s which in my limited experience seeing Asian penis is correct…but I have very little experience with them

Dear Mistress:
how long a cock should stay locked up in a chastity device to become atrophied and enable to get hard?

I don’t know I have yet to find a guy who has been locked up long term that could not get hard….I had someone locked up for nearly 3 years and every time he got unlocked which was RARE he was able to get hard no issues. How about you lock yourself in chastity and let me know hehehehehehe

Dear Mistress:
Sometimes when i get sick i get so bored because, well im sick and cant really do anything, but i get so bored that i sometimes jerk off. Do you ever masturbate when you get sick? Maybe try to make yourself into a better mood?

Yes I do and recently when I was very sick I tried to do it because it orgasms are said to be good to clear sinus issues well guess what it didn’t work dang it! I know it had worked in the past I guess I was just so sick this time it didn’t.

Dear Mistress:
D0 you think it’s wrong for a man to visit escorts?

Not at all who am I to judge what a man does? I just say be safe don’t put yourself or anyone in danger with your activities and do your thang

Dear Mistress:
Is Ms Ally a good boss?

She is amazing! I can’t say anything bad about her or this amazing company she has built and I enjoy being part of her team so yes she is an awesome boss and she is a lot of fun and keeps ya on your toes!

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