So you have made it through this year’s Halloween blog train? Did you have fun? I know the ladies did a fantastic job on some sexy stories for you all to enjoy, and I will be linking to all of them in this post with what you can call a wrap-up.

Ms. Cassidy started the train with the rules for the Escape room you can find her post here. Of course, she led you to our next sexy story.

Ms. Brighton got things moving along with the Sissy Trap room she welcomed you to Stepford and made the men strip down and burn their boy clothes! Player 3 didn’t follow the rules and well let’s just say he was dealt with hehehehe.To read the entire story of the Sissy Trap room and the sissy transformation of the players, check out her post here.

Ms. Olivia Continues the Halloween fun with The Dungeon room with many clues for you to figure out these kinky BDSM questions and if you succeed, what you get is the chance to be her pet! Read the riddles and see how you do check out her Dungeon Room here.

Ms. Harper is up next with her Locked In post and she is so awesome she even did a second part later in the blog train! She tempted you with her kinky porn collection and you fell for the bait…slipped on the Masturbation sleeve and found yourself stuck! Read  Locked In the kinky room here.

Ms. Hunter is your next stop on the blog train and her post is Shrunken Man Held Captive in a Dark cave. Poor George thought he could get into Ms. Hunter’s panties…but all he ended up doing was getting on her nerves and shrunken. Passing out after realizing what happened to him he awoke in a dark wet cave. George didn’t know this but he got his wish he was in Giantess Hunters Pussy! Read what happened to George in the Dark Cave Here.

Ms. Rachel is your next stop and her Kinky Hall Of Holes will sure to make you squirm! I sure hope you are not claustrophobic> This hall of holes takes you on one hell of a kinky trip. So many kinky things happen you really have to read this post…..and I dare you not to be aroused because I sure as fuck was! How does the Hall of holes end? Read the post and find out.

Duchess Willow is up next Rubber Queen your Ebony Femdom Takes you into her Latex escape room and warning once the vault door to the Rubber Queens Lair closes you will not be able to open the door until you complete the task at hand! You will find Her body was covered in skin-tight black latex, that clung to every curve and crevice, almost as if it had been poured on. Will he be able to make it through without looking or will his desire to see the kinky things he was hearing be his downfall. Find out what happens and if he escapes the Rubber Queen or becomes hers forever here..

Ms. Andi is your next stop on the blog train and her post Locked Cock Chastity Escape Room Will you ever be the same? You begin this journey by hearing how some men actually have huge cocks well this bull in the story sure does! Her bull wants to fuck her so bad but Princess Andi wants to use that big cock to test her sissy fluffer whom she has been training. Wanting Andi so bad the bull agrees but while having his massive cock sucked by this sissy he feels something funny. Read the post and find out how his cock got locked in chastity and how it began to shrink…..will he escape? Will he ever be the same? Find out here

Ms. Roxie is your next stop and she too has a Chastity story to tell. Kinky Permanent Chastity Fantasy turns horrifyingly real for this Husband. Having not had an orgasm in months this husband begged to be unlocked from his chastity device, He was put through some torturous edging that left him breathless spent, and suddenly begging for permanent chastity….be careful what you wish for hehehehe. Read the entire hot kinky Permanent Chastity Fantasy here.

Ms. Daphne is next with her post Locks, Locks, Locks You will find yourself locked in a room with the Musica Hamilton playing on a loop. Hands behind your back. Feet shackled. Blindfolded. You will need to say the code word hidden in the lyrics in order to be free. The question is will you be able to escape? Or will you remain locked listening to the music forever? Find out what happens with those locks, Locks, Locks here.

Ms. Riley is your next stop in your Escape Room journey Cock Tempted is her title and I have a feeling he was not only tempted but he was ready to dive in. You start in a room and secretly steal some panties and the next thing you know you are sucking a nice big fat cock…..oh but the fun does not end there find out what happens next with those panties  right here.

Ms. KayMarie is your next two stops on the blog train with Magic Closet part 1. Ms. KayMarie has a very special closet….you walk in as you are and can only leave as you should be….remember that, Does the contractor know what Ms. KayMarie is up to? Is he even there to do a remodel? Find out in this first part of her Escape room story The Magic Closet here.

Ms. KayMarie is the next stop on the blog train bringing you part 2 of her Magic Closet Story we left off with Tony enjoying his CFNM fantasy come to life! Now Sal is here to do an estimate only things are a bit different for Sal when he walks into the closet he is faced with so many clothing options all so pretty and sexy…now what is it that Sal truly wants? Remember the door only opens when you are as you should be. Check out the story of the Magic Closet Part 2  Here.

Ms. Harper is back again with the second part to her Halloween blog train story Locked In. We return to the locked cock in the masturbation sleeve and suddenly a sexy shemale has appeared in the room and you will face a choice…which will you choose? Check out Part 2 of Locked in here and enjoy I know I certainly have! h but let me warn you she will hook you and you will be begging for more!

Ms. Erika is your last stop before this blog post and she delights you with Would you Want to Escape the Escape room? Ms. E assigns you the hedonist experience. You can feel your heart race and your cock twitch as she begins taunting and teasing you….will you want to leave this erotic escape room or will you choose to stay. read the entire post Would you want to Escape the Escape room here and be sure to let us know what your choice will be.


Thank you all for taking another dive into our Traditional Hallow Kinky Blog Train fun. The ladies did an amazing job as always and kept you all wondering from room to room with kinky stories and supernatural experiences. Be sure to drop comments on the blogs and share them on social media.

Happy Halloween Everyone