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Submissive smart ass are you one?

Everyone knows I’m a forgiving, sensual Mistress, but sometimes I am  given no choice but to crack the whip on a submissive who is just too much of a smart ass. They just think they can play around and be cute with me, but once I have them naked and standing in the corner, . . . → Read More: Submissive smart ass are you one?

The Right Phone Sex Mistress

She can make your cock hard in a million different ways. Ways that maybe you’ve read blogs about, but never experienced for yourself. You begin to realize, it’s so much more exciting to please her and let her take you on these different sexual trips. It allows your mind to wonder to where she may take you next and when she’ll allow you to go. The anticipation and wonder is something that is exciting in itself. . . . → Read More: The Right Phone Sex Mistress

Sexual Chemistry is it all it is chalked up to be?

As our first sexual encounter progressed I was all too aware of the sensations every sound every touch how I had never felt so on fire as I did at that moment………that for all the amazing sex I had had in my life rough to kinky and other wise nothing beat this intense fulfilling gentle touch. His hands were like magic to me exploring my body with his lips following close behind…. I had other lovers do the very same thing but never did I feel such a total sexual charge as I did with him. . . . → Read More: Sexual Chemistry is it all it is chalked up to be?

Phone Sex IS Stress Relief

In my several years of being in the Phone Sex business I have met many different men and even women who all come to me for something special some come to me to explore a kink or fantasy they dare never to try with their partner. Some who need a knowing understanding ear to hear their stories and problems, some who need to be pushed to their limits and have not found just the right person in their everyday life to do it and many many men looking for an escape from their day and a bit of stress relief. . . . → Read More: Phone Sex IS Stress Relief

Music Mistresses and CFNM Kink Chat

I have been doing my updates from my Wednesday night cock radio show Kink Korner like every two weeks now so I have 2 music play lists and two separate shows to tell you all about. Mmmmmmmm the first one was from the Mistresses. Yes, I had the sexy phone sex mistresses of LDW/enchantrix . . . → Read More: Music Mistresses and CFNM Kink Chat