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Chastity Interview with Gummy from Texas

4. How would you describe your ideal Key Holder? She is trustworthy, playful, harsh when I need it, no nonsense, and has a deep trust in me but also has some skepticism so she makes me go through the steps to ensure she is confident in knowing I am 100 % secure and locked up. She has to be attentive and not neglectful….and the biggest quality she has to be female!!!!! . . . → Read More: Chastity Interview with Gummy from Texas

Sissy Girl Worships her Phone Sex Mistress

I adore sissy girls and my very special sissy girl Miranda surprised me with a holiday treat. As many of you know I have written about Miranda many times, she is simply a very special sissy for me because she makes it all about her mistress! . . . → Read More: Sissy Girl Worships her Phone Sex Mistress

Naked Collared Cuckold

It is such a powerfully erotic and poignant place for a cuckold or any submissive to be. As a cuckold kneels naked before his Mistress, regardless if she is fully clothed or scantily attired, the feelings of surrender, belonging, vulnerability, of being controlled, and of being put in one’s place, a cuckold feels can be overwhelming. . . . → Read More: Naked Collared Cuckold

Kink Korner takes a Vacation

Hi everyone!  I announced last week on my show that my weekly Cock Radio program Kink Korner will be going on hiatus for a much deserved break.

To squash those rumors……….No, I am not leaving LDW……….No, I am not sick nor am I sick of the radio. I simply need a well deserved vacation . . . → Read More: Kink Korner takes a Vacation