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Tonight 8 pm Join Me!

Just a quick post for all of my followers if your not up to anything tonight at 8 pm eastern join me as I tune into the Mistress Interviews tonight’s featured Mistress is our very own Live Helper Princess Molly! . . . → Read More: Tonight 8 pm Join Me!

Your Fem Dom Phone Sex Goddess is Back!

HI everyone just a really quick update to let you know your phone sex goddess is back taking calls!!! Some of you knew I had a three day weekend getaway planned but I did not announce it….well I am back from the trip and ready to rock your world!!!

Where did I go?

New . . . → Read More: Your Fem Dom Phone Sex Goddess is Back!

Sexual Chemistry is it all it is chalked up to be?

As our first sexual encounter progressed I was all too aware of the sensations every sound every touch how I had never felt so on fire as I did at that moment………that for all the amazing sex I had had in my life rough to kinky and other wise nothing beat this intense fulfilling gentle touch. His hands were like magic to me exploring my body with his lips following close behind…. I had other lovers do the very same thing but never did I feel such a total sexual charge as I did with him. . . . → Read More: Sexual Chemistry is it all it is chalked up to be?

Questions for my Phone Sex Followers

So I find myself sitting at my desk answering questions about myself and my life style as a phone sex Mistress so I thought it would be interesting to ask all of my readers questions about you and your life style. Feel free to comment with your answers and with any questions you might have for me if I get enough questions I may just make another blog post with all my answers. . . . → Read More: Questions for my Phone Sex Followers

What would you do?

As everyone knows we live in a very fantasy based life here at LDW/Enchantrix boarding on the reality but one thing in common with all callers and even the ladies is we all have fantasies some unattainable some very attainable. This blog is about what you would do if your fantasy became a reality. . . . → Read More: What would you do?