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LDW Love Fest! Fun For Everyone!!

HI everyone!!! I am so excited to tell you about our “Love Fest” Happening on Feb 13th 2010 from 12am-12am!! This is our special¬†way of celebrating Valentines Day with you!!

That’s right 24 hours of love from all of the incredible femdom women at LDW, we plan on having 24 hours of cock radio . . . → Read More: LDW Love Fest! Fun For Everyone!!

How he feels being MY Cuckold

I just love giving out assignment to some of my submissive boy toys, and one way to show me how much they are devoted and adore me is to put it all down in words, explaining how they feel and just what it is they will do for their Mistress. Below you will find . . . → Read More: How he feels being MY Cuckold

Edging for His Mistress

I have this very sweet stroker boy who just loves to masturbate for his mistress, he has spent many many hours pulling and tugging on his cock while moaning my name and I have even watched him do this on many occasions! I never guarantee release with my stroker boys instead they just edge . . . → Read More: Edging for His Mistress

Kink Korner with Constance~Contest

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who joined me for my very first Kink Korner with Constance on cock radio this past Wednesday.¬†WOW ! What a turn out we had 20+ chatters all of whom had a great time and we had the ever sexy Ms Hunter hanging out . . . → Read More: Kink Korner with Constance~Contest

Cuckold Cumslut

So I just had another great phone sex session with one of my many cuckold toy’s, this one is special to me because he is so very eager to please his Mistress that he is willing to do ANYTHING for me even things he never imagined doing….which leads me to him becoming a cum . . . → Read More: Cuckold Cumslut