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Halloween Fun with my Sissy Girl

Happy Halloween everyone! I have been having so much fun with everyone this week in chat, on the radio, and on the phone! So I thought I would share my little Halloween Phone Sex treat I got last night courtesy of My sweet sissy girl Miranda.

Picking a Hot Costume

Miranda wanted me to pick a hot costume for her, a super hero or someone I have always wanted to have serve me….many thoughts went through my mind but I chose Cat Woman…mmmm the skin tight cat costume on her with the thigh leather boots and the cute little mask with ears just made me want to purrrrrrr! Miranda has a hot little body for a sissy girl and I enjoy dressing her as slutty as she can be, and in this costume that hugged her body so tight and finished off with a collar and leash she was puuurfectly dressed for a little party. Continue reading Halloween Fun with my Sissy Girl

Your Phone Sex Mistress Has Been Very Busy...

I have been a very busy Mistress and I have neglected my blog..but not to worry I am going to update you all on a week  filled with fun, sexy, and amazing phone sex calls!

 Starting the week off with a BANG!

So to start my week off I had some very hot callers….My cuckold man called and we talked for hours about how he would be servicing my pussy and taking care of my lovers hard cock, I just love the way he will do exactly as he is told never hesitating and never complaining. Being a sensual femdom I have no need to be demanding or nasty to him I simply coo to him what I want him to do and he melts from my voice and gets on his knees and opens his mouth as instructed! I do love the power I have with my sweet sexy voice it always gives me a charge to speak to him and always leaves me smiling!

My day only got better when my sweet and ohh so fucking sexy cross dressing man called me, I have been talking to him now for months and every call we have done has been hot and sexy! I can not tell you enough how much of a charge I get out of having him dress for me, and how exciting it is to know he is so very hard for me in those stockings and slip. I seem to never be able to get enough of him and the last few calls he has made me cum so hard that we lay there breathless and giggling. Continue reading Your Phone Sex Mistress Has Been Very Busy…

New Cock Contest and Upcoming Events

OK  Boys and Girls we have some new and exciting events planned for all our Happy Hour Fans!! First of all this Wednesday Oct 21st Our theme for Happy Hour with Constance and Catherine will be things that make you go owwwwwwww! Yes we want you to share with us the things that make you go OWWW or Ouch LOL whatever delicious painful things you enjoy we want you to share it with us, and as always we will have some juicy links and stories about things that we love that make us go owwwwwwww or well things that we love to do to you all that make you go owww! So be sure to join us tomorrow 1pm est in our adult kink chat room.

The Events Do Not End There…A New Cock Contest!!

Here is your chance to win a free 10 minute phone sex, two mistress call with Ms Catherine And I simply for sending us a picture of  your cock in a costume Continue reading New Cock Contest and Upcoming Events

Cum Eating For His Mistress On Web Cam!

I believe I have mentioned this a time a two about what a thrill it is to combine and hot phone sex call with my caller on web cam where I can watch his stroking and his reactions to everything I say. My latest Cam Slut was so much fun! He was all hot about my latest cuckold husband blog and was so turned on he could not wait to talk to me! But he also listened to one of my latest audios and heard me ask what type of toy do you use? Well this cam slut had somthing special to show me…his very own cardboard pussy he discovered he enjoyed and uses very often!!! Continue reading Cum Eating For His Mistress On Web Cam!

Things that Make you go MMMMMMM

Today at 1 pm est in the adult chat room join me and all the great chatters for Happy Hour with Constance and Catherine! This week it is a special edition of Happy Hour because I will also be live on cock radio!! I will be playing some good tunes and joining in on . . . → Read More: Things that Make you go MMMMMMM