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Pass the Penis discounted for Masturbation May

Hi there everyone! Well so far I have shared the erotic story contest and the masturbation contest with all of you well now it is time to share the pass the penis special and this is all just how we like to celebrate Masturbation May with our many fans!

Pass the penis specials

During . . . → Read More: Pass the Penis discounted for Masturbation May

Pass the Penis with a PantiBoi

This is what my pantiboi wrote in his own words about the pass the pantiboi call Friday morning I woke hard and dripping and so ready to be passed around the thought of Mistresses I had only read about was only a few short hours away. I did my two edges and the hour arrived and I called in as Mistress Constance said, All I had to do was tell the dispatcher (who by the were great both of them, every time I went back they put me on to the next Mistress with a smile in their voice). I was the one that had the pass the penis call. . . . → Read More: Pass the Penis with a PantiBoi

Sissy Slut Samantha

Wow it has been a very long time since I blogged about this sissy slut but the time has come to update everyone on her. First let me explain that we had taken a bit of a break from our Mistress Sissy relationship for several months but still talked regularly as Mistress and Friend…the bond that we have is stronger than ever and will help see us through the upcoming months. . . . → Read More: Sissy Slut Samantha

Pass The Penis Sissy Style!

What is Pass the Penis? This is a game we Mistresses love to play….the caller calls in and purchases a block of time (as much as you like) and then gets passed around from lady to lady to be played with and toyed with. How much time you spend all together is up to you just like how much time you spend with each lady is up to you. You can hand pick the ladies ahead of time or ask our lovely dispatchers to just surprise you. If you do an hour of pass the penis and do 10 minutes with each lady that is 6 different ladies that get to tease and deny and even torment you! Sounds like fun right? Try it and you will see it is amazing!!!! . . . → Read More: Pass The Penis Sissy Style!

New Stroker in the New Year!

I had the pleasure of meeting a new client last night.  One I won’t soon forget and who I totally enjoyed…even if for just a short time. I was introduced to him by one of the other Mistresses from our site who thought my style was something he would enjoy. As many of you . . . → Read More: New Stroker in the New Year!