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Sharing Your Secrets with a willing Partner

So often in my world of being a Phone Sex Mistress I have men calling me who cannot open up to their wives or girlfriends about their kinks, so they share them with me which is a safe healthy way to explore them. What I want to know is if you did have a wife who was open to anything said it and even encouraged kink play would you love it or would you still hide? . . . → Read More: Sharing Your Secrets with a willing Partner

Long Term Denial and Chastity

EVERYTHING he does now is a constant reminder he is locked in chastity and denied by me forever. We had a short edging session after a week of him being locked and my goodness did he get to the edge fast! After just several minutes of edging that cock I had to have him cool down so I could SEE him lock back up my cock and for him to show me the serial numbers on the lock. What a thrill it is to see a cock locked in chastity knowing he cannot touch nor stroke without my permission. . . . → Read More: Long Term Denial and Chastity

Men in Panties

Why is it so hot to make an otherwise macho man slip into some tight women’s panties for me? Well first off how hot is it that a macho man would put panties on for me just to please me? But second have you ever been hard or seen a man hard in women’s panties? It can be very frustrating for a man in panties to touch and stroke and that right there is HOT! . . . → Read More: Men in Panties

Strap on Phone Sex Fantasies

Are you the type of guy who has always wanted cock but never felt gay or bi or attracted to men in any way? Have you played with your ass and even inserted fingers or toys into it, but always dreamed of how it would feel to have someone fucking you but not just anyone a woman. Strap on fun can fulfill all your kinky fantasies. What you need is a sexy woman with a strap on cock ready willing and able to take you fill you and satisfy your need to be fucked. . . . → Read More: Strap on Phone Sex Fantasies

What’s Happening in our Phone Sex World?

There are several events being held here in our kinky phone sex world that I am sure it is hard to keep up with them all….no worries my kinky friends I will break it all down for you right here. . . . → Read More: What’s Happening in our Phone Sex World?