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Submissive Foot Slave

I love being a FemDom, the perks are amazing I am looked up to by many and worshiped like the true goddess I am. One of the things I love about being a true femdom is how I have little slaves all over the world to worship my various body parts, and worshiping is unlike just having a fetish, to worship a body part is to admit that nothing is more important or means as much as that body part, to have a fetish for a certain body part it is simply sexual fantasy and gratification you seek and once you achieved that you move on with the rest of your day……not the body worship boys it goes much deeper then that. Continue reading Submissive Foot Slave

Sissy Chat Tomorrow at 11am est


HI Ladies, this is just a really quick reminder that tomorrow morning February 28th at 11 am est Ms Vivian and I will be hosting a very special sissy chat in our adult chat room, it is a get to know us type chat an open house so to speak. . . . → Read More: Sissy Chat Tomorrow at 11am est

Click to Call

I wanted to take just a quick moment to tell you all that there is a new way to contact me!!

When you would like a session with me and you don’t wish to call into our dispatch system, you can now use the feature found on all my main profile pages, like on cock . . . → Read More: Click to Call

Pantie Wearing Masturbating Man


Stroke it for Me!

So I had the extreme pleasure last Friday to meet a very witty and interesting man, he started out by sending me an e-mail giving me just a touch of his background and what he enjoys, I love when you boys and girls do that because it gives me somewhat of a sense of who you are and what your looking for during our phone sex sessions.

The Introduction

He started out his e-mail to me explaining how a girlfriend once turned him on to wearing panties but not just panties itty bitty tiny thongs and g strings, yes the kind that don’t cover anything not a  tiny penis or in his case very nice sized penis. He explained a bit about how he loves to stroke his cock for a woman, and how my blog about a man in public stroking his dick for me made him excited not to mention all my audios about edging and stroking. Of course I replied quickly how I would love to have some fun with him and push his limits like I love to do with all you horny strokers, and after a few more emails back and forth, with me picking out the tiny little thong he was to wear for me, my phone rang.

Let the Stroking begin

Once he was on the phone with me he informed me he was in his car driving. I love to push limits on you boys but in a safe way not a way to get anyone in trouble so think about that when your asking your Mistress to push you….trouble is NOT sexy. I had him tell me just how horny he was and how hard his cock already was, then I had him remove his jacket and shirt… picture this he is driving around in his car at night topless and at this point with just pants on and under those pants itty bitty thongs with a raging hard cock sticking straight out!!! I had him pull that nice dick out for me and begin his stroking to which he began to moaned very loudly how hard his cock was how good it felt to stroke it for me. I had him drive around a bit more as we discussed his usage of Viagra and his daily routines and how very hard it is to concentrate on anything but stroking that dick when he gets this way. Continue reading Pantie Wearing Masturbating Man

New Sissy Girl Show Starting In March


I am excited to announce a brand new show with all of our very special sissy girls in mind, in fact this show is all about being feminine. I have teamed up with the sexy Milf Mistress Vivian to do a Bi-weekly talk shoe show… In the Boudoir with Constance and Vivian. . . . → Read More: New Sissy Girl Show Starting In March