Hi all, I know it has been some time since I have posted but guess what? I am posting about something fucking awesome, a strokeathon! We want to hold a strokeathon in the fall, and I need some feedback before we can truly begin to plan.

Here is the idea

You sign up for this Paid event, the cost will be 50.00; for this, you get entry into the event where you will have several Mistresses watching you and others who sign up perform on webcam for us.

If 10 or fewer sign-up, we will host it for 30 minutes; if 11 or more sign up, we will hold it for 60 minutes! 60 Minutes of you on webcam for multiple Mistresses while we use our voices and our sexy minds to have you jerking and tugging on those dicks for us!

Unlike most of our sessions, the goal of a strokeathon is to actually MAKE you cum, hahahahaha! The last man or cock standing at the end, which has not cum wins a great multi Mistress prize. I am sure we will have runner-up prizes as well.

If you do not wish to be on a webcam but wish to participate, you may do so only you won’t be eligible for the big prize; we will instead have a random draw for the winner of the non webcam strokers.

Now please take a moment to answer my poll below and let us know would you join? What platform would you use?


I will have more details once we have a better idea of the participation we can expect.