Laughing at little Dicks

I have had several very small dicks shown off to me since the start of the new year and it got me to thinking….why do men with tiny little dicks like to show them off so much? I mean would you want a sexy woman like me knowing your dick is so tiny it wouldn’t please me or any other woman on the planet?

I know what they like but it still boggles my mind that small dick humiliation is all they are after when they are constantly wanting to show me those little things, perhaps they are just thrilled a woman like me will even talk to them. Whatever their reasons I am always happy to give my opinion of their pathetic penises, and more then happy to laugh at them as they show them off!

Pathetic and Puny

“Z” is a constant yahoo chatter who had begged for me to look at pictures of his tiny cock…..after seeing it the first time I though ohh my they dont get much smaller then that! “Z” called to share a story about getting out of a very cold shower and just how pathetic his weewee looks when it is all shriveled, to which I said even at its biggest it is still pathetic and puny to me and certainly not worthy of anything but a good laugh! Of course this pathetic puny penis carrier just loved how I laughed and made fun of his wee wee, and has spent every moment he has seen me since our session telling me about it and dying to know if it is the smallest or at the very least the cutest cock I have ever seen *laughing my ass off* how sad for such a young man to go through life with knowing he will never truly satisfy a woman!

Worlds Smallest Penis

“R” I will call him set up his web cam for me to show off his what I now know to be smallest dick on the planet simply to amuse me. I had no idea what  was about to see until the camera came on and there was no dick to be seen……….you see his dick is so small it is inverted it actually goes inside of him…..FREAKISHLY small and I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face…..I have now seen the smallest dick in the world! He spent time using a bullet vibrator pushing it in his “pussy” to get his little dick to come out of hiding. I was amazed when it finally poked out that it was even that big he for sure has a grower and not a shower…..even though hard it is still puny and pathetic. Of course like most tiny dicks his shot off way to soon and I had a great laugh at the site of his itty bitty pathetic dick shrinking back into its “pussy hole”.

Begging to be Blogged about

Both of these small penis humiliation addicts have since asked me to blog about them, sending notes and mails asking to be blogged about and I can only imagine both of them sitting there reading this now with tiny little boners between their finger tips getting off knowing that thousands of people will be reading about their pathetic puny dicks! So this one is for all the little dick losers out there….show them off beg to be blogged about but know this….the only way to please a woman like me with such a tiny dick is by amusing me because sexually speaking you never have a chance!

So if your like those too little dick holders and your looking for some SPH phone sex then you know I not only will tell you just what I think………but I will tell everyone what I think of your tiny little dick and enjoy having a great laugh about it with all my fellow mistresses and large cocked studs!