So ya I know you know very well it is Masturbation May and today I want you to pump that pecker. I don’t want you to pump it with your bare hand though I want you to use some fun things everyone can find around the house or local store…..and NO not a sex store either but your local walmart and such. Let me know if you try any of these and how it went

Plastic wrap pumper

Yup you heard me right grab you the plastic wrap out of the cabinet and grab you some sort of lube. If you have lube use it if not you can use coconut oil, olive oil, baby oil or even Vaseline! You will want to be good and lubed up for this one. Once you are lubed take some plastic wrap and wrap up that cock…oh but not tight! Once wrapped proceed to pump that pecker for me….but remember no cumming!

Plastic Baggie

Yup same as the plastic wrap you will want to get that lube in the baggie before pumping that pecker in it. You can use any of the lubes mentioned above or even try soft room temperature butter it works nicely! Once the lube in in the bag stick your dick in and go to town! Oh another fun tip with a baggie is put it under the mattress and put your dick in and fuck it mmmmmmmm so much fun!

Bubble wrap

Oh yaaaaaa this one if fun and silly! So same as before get that dick good and juiced up and wrap a sheet of bubble wrap around it and pump that pecker till you feel you cant pump it no more! I always liked this one I think Princess Andi was the one who introduced it to me years ago and have loved it ever since!

                                   Happy Pecker Pumping Everyone