Okay, so the title should tell you everything you need to know about this blog post! I am sitting here laughing thinking about a call I did the other day with one of my pets. Of course, he couldn’t handle my laughing. That’s what made him have an accident and have a premature ejaculation long before he should have.

It Had Been a Long Time

I will be fair and say that it had been some time since he and I had done a session. I also had him working that dick up for some time before he even got to call. I also made him buy panties, which of course made him even hornier and weak. He also had not had an orgasm in a very long time. So there are all of his excuses for ya, hahahahahaha!

Hello, Sweetie

When the webcam turned on and I said “hello sweetie” I saw his panties move. He always did like a bit of feminization with his masturbation. His panties were cute so I made him stand in front of the camera and then laughed at the wet spot. He is also a bit of a nipple slut, so to test him I had him tweak those titties and see if that cock moved and YUP it sure did!!! This premature ejaculation slut was not going to last long. I had to wonder why he got 30 minutes.

Corner Time

Of course, this little drippy slut said something he shouldn’t in session and I had to send him to the corner. This type of humiliation has always turned him on. I scolded him for his behavior and made him return, standing in front of the camera. Of course, his panties were now soaking and in fact dripping. So I made him wipe the drops of precum that leaked through his panties and eat it. Such a good slut!

Premature Ejaculation from Humping

So now I am in a groove, having so much fun with this slut. Hearing his little whimpers and moans is such a delight. I have him beg to hump the arm of his chair, which he does eagerly. I would say maybe 3 minutes into his horny humping I hear this groan and sure enough, this humiliation slut had an accident. Premature ejaculation slut is now going to be his new name since he can’t seem to handle a little action.

Am I Upset?

I have to say I was not at all upset he turned out to be a premature ejaculation slut. I didn’t blame him. I knew all the things that were going on in his head. I knew the panties, the build-up, and the laughter was a bit much. I think I was actually so amused it didn’t phase me in the least that I had a premature ejaculation slut on my hands. Of course, we had like 20 mins left in our session so we got to spend some fun time hanging out. A win-win if you ask me. Hahahahaha!

premature ejaculation slut