I had the pleasure of being included in a game of pass the penis only it was with a sissy Ms Claire’s Jolene in fact and my goodness did I have a good time.

What is Pass the Penis?

This is a game we Mistresses love to play….the caller calls in and purchases a block of time (as much as you like) and then gets passed around from lady to lady to be played with and toyed with. How much time you spend all together is up to you just like how much time you spend with each lady is up to you. You can hand pick the ladies ahead of time or ask our lovely dispatchers to just surprise you. If you do an hour of pass the penis and do 10 minutes with each lady that is 6 different ladies that get to tease and deny and even torment you! Sounds like fun right? Try it and you will see it is amazing!!!!

Sissy Pass the Penis

In this case Jolene, Ms Claire’s sissy, wanted a marathon session and did 40 pass the sissy calls and each lady got to use and tease and deny Jolene because Ms Claire gave strict instructions not to allow her to cum. She came well prepared and not only was dressed up like a sissy but she had many sex toys to play with during the calls.

What I did with Jolene

I was her 20th call making me the half way point mistress….when I saw the camera before our session started I could see  sissy slut Jolene playing for another lady and let me tell you it was HOT!!!!! Once our call connected Jolene and I talked about the session where she sucked cock for Ms Claire on web cam while I had the pleasure to watch!! I only chit chatted a few minutes because I wanted to get down to business…..Jolene showed me her Hitachi Wand which I also have and she commented that it seemed many ladies have them (hmmm wonder why?) I decided to do something different instead of just using the wand on her clitty I had her insert a big butt plug into her sissy pussy and press the Hitachi wand against it…..she was BLOWN AWAY nobody had done that to her thus far (something I am thrilled about I was different than every other lady) But more thrilling to me was Jolene had never thought of using the wand that way and as a result she was VERY excited!!!!!

Passing the Sissy On

As our session was coming to a close I told her to keep the butt plug in and wait for the next sexy lady to be on the line…..What a fantastic session filled with lots of teasing that sissy clitty and using her toy in a way she never expected…..just so everyone knows I continued to watch Jolene on web cam after our session ended and needless to say it was one hell of a hot sissy slut show!!!!!!

Thank you ms Claire for including me on this Extreme Pass the Penis game and thank you Jolene, you were a treat!!!