On the first day of Naughtiness My subbie gave to me….one butt plug to stuff into his tight hiney!

Butt plugs what a fun way to start off the 12 days of naughtiness!! I have to say I have seen my share of subbies with butt plugs in their tight asses and no two are ever alike! There is such a variety of butt plugs out there I thought I would share some of my Thoughts about them.

For beginners

I highly recommend you gradually go up in size when starting out with a butt plug, never get the biggest one they have unless you are used to having them in and have stretched or trained your ass to take it. I would recommend you trying out an Anal Training Kit  this kit provides you with three different sizes and you can work your way into the larger ones

Stimulating Anal Fun

For those of you who may or may not be experienced my next choice is the Tantus B Bomb Anal Vibe This one is sleek and flexible for you newbies and comes with an insert able bullet vibe to give your tight ass those good vibrations! I had one of my subbies try this one on web cam not only did he enjoy it but  MY GOD you should have heard his moans!!

For you total Anal  Sluts

So you know who you are you have been training that ass so well that you’re a total anal slut now, no worries slutty one they have perfect butt plugs for even the most stretched out ass’s  for instance the Tantus Tex That there is a nice wide thick butt plug big enough to fit even the sluttiest of holes!!!

So this was your first day of naughtiness and day two is only a day away to see what we have come up with for the 2nd day of naughtiness check out our Tease Princess Andi’s blog or give  me a call and do a phone sex session with me and I will share the naughty secret!!

Happy “Ho”lidays  Everyone