Today instead of a stroking technique I am going to ask you some masturbation questions and you can answer them int he comments section of this post.

How many times a week do you masturbate?

Do you try different techniques or stick with your usual go to stroke?

Do you like guided masturbation?

Do you shoot a lot of cum when you jerk off?

Have you ever masturbated on web cam?

Have you ever masturbated in front of a partner?

Do you think you masturbate too much?

What does cock control mean to you?

If you could masturbate for any one famous person who would it be?

Do you use masturbation for relaxation?

Do you substitute a lack of sex life with masturbation?

Does masturbation interfere with your sex life?

Have you ever masturbated at work?

Has the need to masturbate ever jeopardized your well being?

Have you ever masturbated someone else?

So those are some of the things I want to know about your masturbation habits, we all know that masturbation is good for your sex life and your over all health. I am always fascinated by the masturbation rituals of others or lack of masturbation as the case may be so please share your thoughts and answers with me.

If you are too shy to share in a comment feel free to mail them to me so I can read all about your answers to my masturbation questions. I may or may not turn them into a blog post of course with out using names of who said what. I just think it will be an interesting topic and I will enjoy reading all about your masturbation.

Happy Masturbation May Everyone!