Happy Hump Day Everyone! Here is my weekly post where you sent in the questions and I answer them. You all should know that I have only a few questions left to answer so if you want this blog post to continue send me some questions using my Ask Mistress tab right here on my blog. Please remember to keep them direct and to the point and not long drawn out questions.

Dear Mistress:
What is your favorite way to “trick” a client into becoming a sissy?

I don’t do a lot of tricking of clients maybe I fuck with their heads a little and my favorite way to do that is to let them THINK they will get to cum and then deny them hehehehe. I love the whimpers moans and groans when they hear me say NO

Dear Mistress:
Does your bra or clothing press in on the top of your breasts? Even if it is fitted correctly? It just looks that way sometimes on some women. Thank you

I think that I asked this question before, do you have an archive of “Ask Ms. Constance”?

You did ask me this before or something very close to it and to find all my ask Mistress past posts just click on the category on the left had side of this blog title ask Mistress and you will find them all.

No if fitted right your bra or clothing should not press into your breasts there are however some items made to do that to push them up and such but as a whole no.

Dear Mistress:
Do you think there’s anything wrong with a sadistic Mistress slapping or kneeing her male just because she wants to? Or do you think she should only hurt him for punishment?

I think it depends on the guidelines of the relationship…did the submissive agree to this at the start? I personally only slap or knee a submissive when they beg for it or they were so out of line they deserved it. I wouldn’t do it just cause I felt like it. Or would I? hahahahaha

Dear Mistress:
What is important in making a new marriage work? One that may one day involve cuckolding or swinging.

Communication open and honest communication is the most important thing to making any relationship work period. Without that you will run into nothing but issues and hurt feelings which can lead to the end of the marriage.

Dear Mistress:
Do you think it’s ok for a sadist mistress to hurt her sub even if he he’s been a good boy?

Only if that was agreed upon at the start. It is not in my wheel house but for some it may be. A submissive is not a punching bag in my eye.

Dear Mistress:
I know you cant mail used panties but what about shoes? If i bought you a pair of high heels, could you wear them for a while and send them back through the proper channels of course? So i could breathe in your sent with one and masturbate with the other. Or 2 of the same pair. One to keep and one to send back. If yes what size style and color would you prefer?

I am not sure if we are allowed to do this I am looking into it as we speak and if we did it I would send you back the pair I mean what would I do with just one shoe hehehehehe

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