I have decided to do some chastity interviews with some of the ladies from ldw/enchantrix this will give all of you chastity lovers a chance to see how different ladies view chastity and how they handle some of the things that come with being a Chastity Mistress …this is my very first one done with The Dicktator Ms Cassandra

1.   As a Chastity Mistress, what do you enjoy the most about denying a man or locking them into a chastity device?

A: It’s very challenging to me to control a man’s orgasm with strict training, discipline, and chastity devices. Often a male has much worldly responsibility and would like to hand it over to a hardwired Femdom. The fact that he is learning to control his orgasms through training makes him a much more submissive male. He will then be able to better please a dominant woman and enjoy her power.

2.   What do you expect out of your chastity pets once you have them locked up?

A. I expect them to follow all of the rules negotiated. I expect an e mail at least 3 times a week, appointments kept on time, negotiated availability on web cam for random spot checks. I expect them to be independent and without needy attention. The emails sent to me are about the state of mind, the comfort of the device, questions on relevant things such as an appointment, a concern, jury duty, etc. What is not relevant and very annoying is the constant need for attention, and more and more assignments; ie “Mistress, I have completed the last assignment, what is next”? Keep in mind Mistress is not an assignment factory, and I noticed needy and demanding boys are usually the ones who show up for appointments late or not at all. This is called “topping from the bottom” and will not be tolerated. This is the behavior of a “bottom”, not a submissive. All chastity pets will be interviewed to determine if they are attractively submissive.

 3.   In your opinion, what is the most important thing that a chastity pet gets out of the relationship?

A. A chastity pet should feel owned and happy to be serving a dominant woman who owns his cock. Inside he knows he is where he should be, in strong capable hands. Because there are negotiations, he will feel secure to know all of the negotiations and rules will be addressed, enforced, and provided.

 4.   What qualities do you look for in a chastity pet?

A: A preferable pet is submissive and obedient. He must love FLR and Femdom control. He must enjoy gadgets as in chastity devices and must be faithful to his Mistress. When Mistress has the program intact and agreed upon, he must have permissions to view porn or call other Mistresses. With that, he is not allowed to remove the cage without permission from me. These are the main qualities. I find single males 40 and above are the pets most likely to succeed.  Only 10% of married males succeed, and they are not put on strict programs unless they live in different areas of the country. Again it’s all about negotiation.

 5.   Do you prefer short lockups or long term?

A: Any lockup will do as long as it is a lockup but, my very favorite is one year. The cock will be taken out for weekly examinations, teased a little or not, and put back in the cage with a brand new secure plastic numbered lock. Monthly milkings will be given for long term chastity pets.

6.   Do you plan a lockdown with a definite term in mind or do you prefer to “play it by ear”?

A: It’s in the negotiation. If a boy says it’s up to you, Mistress, then I will order a month at a time for the inexperienced. For more experienced pets, 6 months to a year.

7.   This is hot and I want to be locked up, but I’ve never tried chastity before.  What do I need to do to make it happen?

A: On my blog, fill out the application provided and contact me for an orientation. You can send an email on your visions of chastity training and maybe I will put you on a 3 day trial period to see if it’s for you.

 8.   What happens if I change my mind once you’ve locked me up?

A: Get your scissors out and cut that lock off. You will be polite and send an email explaining why. This will give me insight and you should thank me for my time. I’m only interested in true chastity slaves, so better to know early in the program. Perhaps it is not time yet? You are welcome back to try again with no hard feelings.

 9.   What changes can I expect in my life if you lock me into a chastity device?

A: You will be more controlled in your orgasm retention, more disciplined and focused if you have premature ejaculation issues, You will have learned how to be more submissive and attractive to a dominant Mistress. The real change is you will not be allowed to cum or remove your cage without permission and negotiation.

 10. How would you deal with a pet who has removed the chastity device without your permission?

A: He is dismissed and obviously is not serious about chastity training.

 11. Of all the pets that you’ve put into chastity devices, approximately what percentage will slip or otherwise not complete their term?

A: I would say about 25%. The other 75% make it all worthwhile. Often pets want to test the water and if chastity is not for them, they would be much better in a cock control program. Some find a chastity device uncomfortable and confining.

12. Since you don’t hold the actual keys to the device, how can you be sure that your chastity pet isn’t cheating?

A: Most pets very interested in being trained have a submissive mindset and will do as I say. Some need to be checked for security of knowing I am there. Some slip out of chastity and stroke without permission. They are not truly submissive and probably have been spoiled little children at one point. The only foolproof device would be a metal device that accommodates a piercing. I spot check pets on cam but not every day, it’s random. Sometimes I have them send me photos from their smart phones when I demand, the photo to be delivered within a short time. Chastity is a 2 way street. I’m not here to be mother checking on pets 24/7. Pets must be submissive, love chastity, and be mature enough to understand I have a life besides them.

 13. How would you answer a prospective chastity pet who says, “I want to be locked up and never cum again”?

A: I would say this is unrealistic, you will cum again, and you probably won’t last even a week. Proclamations like this are usually used to provoke a response. This proclamation is within a fantasy realm and I tell the pet to prove me wrong. To challenge and to prove a Mistress wrong is more bottom behavior. Again I’m interested in submissives only.

14. Being locked in chastity is difficult. How do you as the Mistress provide guidance and maintain your pets to keep them on the path?

A: They vary. Some are very independent and do not require too much attention. Some will depend on Mistress to provide assignments. They can start journals, blogs, shopping assignments, or be sent to my playground (ms-cassandra.com) to finish the tasks provided. Emails are required anyways. I insist on 3-5 emails per week . Cam is not mandatory but a very good way to check on pets.

15. What are some of the day to day difficulties that I’ll experience if you lock me up?

A: The difficulties? hahaha…well imagine you are a chronic masturbator and suddenly that is all taken away. You simply have to get used to it. If you have difficulties with discipline, you will need to get used to it. The reason why I “take my cock out for a walk” is to check for any chafing, and also to give it a little attention. A little attention goes a long way. I said attention, not cumming unless it is that cumming day we agreed upon.

 16. In your experience, what signs do you look for that would indicate that a locked pet might be having trouble?

A: Loss of enthusiasm, disappearing and unavailability. When a pet does this, it indicates he is afraid of displeasing me. Guess what! I’m a Mistress! I’m not a fragile flower. I have power, and you are not going to ruin my day. I expect clear communication always. Perhaps a pet is not used to this due to early domestication or a relationship that turns a deaf ear. This is simply not the case here. Clear and impeccable communication always!

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