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So lets discuss being submissive. I have found in all my years of being the one in charge that most men are truly submissive by nature. They have spent most if not all of their lives feeling the desire to serve and be submissive.

Being submissive is in your DNA

I honestly believe that anyone who is submissive  was born with this way and has been a part of you since the start. I do however believe there are varying degrees of being submissive. For instance some who are submissive are only submissive sexually, yet in the work place and such they are very alpha or at the very least regular. Some feel submissive to everyone and some just to the opposite sex.

Nurturing your submissive side

I do think as well that even though you were created this way by nature that it takes some nurturing to bring it out of you. Perhaps it was a woman/man in your life that opened your submissive side for you to explore. Some of you just naturally took the role and found it to be YOUR happy place and where you felt you belong. Some of you needed a woman such as myself to help bring out your deep submissive side and help you explore it. No matter what the case is on how you came to accept your submissive side I am just happy you have.

Explore it but be safe

Just because you are submissive by nature does not mean you should be taken advantage of. Explore your submissive side but only in a safe sane way with a trusting partner. Being submissive does NOT mean you should be abused. In fact I cherish my submissive men and want to help them grow in all things not just their submission to me.

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