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So yesterday I had such a fun sploshing call with my puppet. We had decided it was time to try out a little public sploshing in a fun way for us without bringing the every day world in on it. Let me tell you it was a total blast!

plastic  undies

Yup that’s right my puppet bought some plastic undies for this sploshing trip. When our session started he was in those plastic undies and that was it. He had prepared for the session with the food items ahead of time . Those items were twinkies, devildogs,mini pumpkin pies, grapes, and cooked pasta! We started with the pasta and then the grapes, I had him dump a couple of the snack cakes in front and back and then top it off with the pies. He instantly told me about the bulge in his drawers and how heavy the food was and pulling on the undies.

Dressed for a drive

That’s right puppet got dressed and we went for a drive……of course sitting in the car made everything squish! He drove to a gas station got out of the car filled p and did the front and back windows being sure to lean against the car and feel all those messy foods squishing in his pants! Once done he got back in the car and we went for a short drive. He and I both had a blast having him out in public with a sticky mess in his pants…..and not the typical sticky mess a guy might have ha ha ha. Oh and he sent me a picture of his bulging pants I am still laughing bout it.

more fun

once the driving and public part of our sploshing call was done he got home and I had him sit and squish his messy pants against him. He had been grabbing the bulge of pasta and snack food while driving so I had him do it again! This is always so much fun having him sitting in food items and now taking it on the road! After the sploshing portion of our call was over we took a break for him to shower and then did our usual Monthly session. Man what a way to spend a Saturday afternoon thank you puppet it was a blast!

food fucking