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So today we will discuss your sissy strut and if you even have one. A strut is a way of walking a way of carrying yourself with confidence and swagger. So what I really would like to know is when you are in femme mode do you strut? Is there a difference in your male side and your female side in how you carry yourself

Sissy strut while dressed

You see when you slip into such sexy smooth silky women’s clothing you are opening that side of you that feels amazing. You know what I am talking about dont you ladies? You slip into some sexy panties and bra and suddenly your walking around head back chest out! You slip into some stockings and heels and next thing you know you are strutting around full of sexy confidence.

Check yourself out

If you dont know if you have a sissy strut when dressed up look in the mirror. Check yourself out walk and prance about swing those hips and just own it! There is a confidence in feeling alive and sexy and it will show in your walk or in this case strut…..and as the line in a song goes…..I love to watch her strut!

What changes when you dress

So besides perhaps your walk what other changes happen when you are in sissy girl mode? Do you feel sexier? Behave sexier? Have more confidence? Feel more alive and vibrant? When you get out of those gross guy clothes and slip into ladies things…..what happens to you? Share with me and lets see just how all you girls feel when dressed.

Need help

Do you need help bringing out that confident strut? Well sweetie look no further hit me up and lets see that strut!! You can reach me by mail by phone 1-800-356-6169 or even on twitter @MissConstance

lets see you strut girls