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So yesterday my personal pain slut called me and typically we would just chat but yesterday my pain slut was horny….not horny as in I need to cum but more of I am horny please hurt me he he he

I dig the pain sluts

This pain slut is like no other I talked about him many times he actually giggles at pain and moans of delight and I dig that! I am not a sadist I am not looking to ruin you but a bit of cock slapping and ball slapping with a wooden spoon is so much fucking fun! Of course there are other ways to bust those balls and beat that dick I so love like wax dripping mmmmmm

Do you enjoy cbt

Have you ever got turned on to the point you might cum from some cbt? My pet is a special kind of pain slut he actually can get off from the beating of those balls and cock head. Most pain sluts get super turned on but very far and few between for them to be able to cum from it. of course my blue balled pet didnt get to cum he never does denial is another huge love of mine and his! However there were several times during the call where balls busting almost made him lose it!

How do you like your cbt

like most kinks cbt is user specific what one pain slut likes another may hate…and hell many of you are cringing thinking about ball busting and cbt in general. But those of you who do enjoy it tell me how do you like to be abused?

ball busting Mistress Constance