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So I am a chastity Mistress love chastity and how it changes a man. Not being able to touch your cock or get a full on erection is hot for me and for you! Some of you are skeptical about chastity but over the years I have been able to turn some of the biggest skeptics into chastity loving subbies! So when do you know it is time to upgrade your device or well umm down grade in size he he he

Chastity device size

First of all I tell anyone trying chastity for the first time to not buy a very costly device. Do not spend crazy money on something you dont know if it works for you or not. Instead find a chastity device that will work for a short time that you can test out and see if you even enjoy chastity. Many times when getting the first cage you tend to get a bigger than needed one and that is okay…for the cheaper ones and till you figure out if it is for you.

Chastity is for you now what

Once you have decided this is hot…you love chastity and you have spent a good amount of time cock locked…..then and only then can you consider getting a new device. I wold say again dont spend a ton of money on the second device……find something that fits a bit better and perhaps smaller. Once you have been in the second one with no issues and feeling hot about it… can look into a more permanent device

Downsizing chastity cage

Now that you have gone a couple rounds with a couple different cages you can consider making an investment. Invest in a more permanent and customized chastity device. Mature Metal is an amazing company that will actually make a custom steep chastity device for you. They have you do your sizing and they create your cage to fit YOU. I never recommend doing this till you are sure about chastity and are ready for a smaller more secure and permanent device.

Questions about chastity

Do you have questions about chastity or chastity devices and want to ask someone who has been there done that? Well hit me up I am all to happy to discuss chastity and chastity cages with you….after all more chastity wearing men = more submissive men and I am all for that!