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Well now that most of us are through the worst of the winter cold….and yes I realize some of you are dealing with some fucked up winter weather still there is no denying that the weather is changing. Spring is here or about to be there and something always happens in the spring I wanted to talk about,

You get horny in the spring

Yes men in my opinion tend to get hornier in the spring. This is something that naturally happens…warmer weather means feeling frisky and we all know when you are feeling frisky you start to sniff around. The eye candy starts to pop up with women wearing less clothing as the warmer months start to roll in and you guys cant help to feel more aroused.

Helping you get aroused and stay aroused

I am in the business of helping you get aroused and stay aroused. I do this in many ways….writing blog posts, recording audios and of course hot phone sex sessions. I am also starting to really amp things up on my twitter sharing naughty gifs every day to get and KEEP you aroused and have that horny mind of yours focused on sexual things. If you don’t already follow me on twitter I suggest you do so my user name is @MissConstance give me a follow

Spring has sprung in your pants

Now that the warmer months are ahead and spring has sprung in your pants what are you going to do about it? Well if it were up to me I would suggest you enjoy that horny sensation….enjoy the eye candy the warmer months bring….enjoy having your dick jump to life for no reason at all. Oh BUT I do not want you to just start jerking off and cumming………lets enjoy a bit of tease and delay or even denial. Lets see how long we can keep that horny spring feeling going….can you handle it?