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So we here at LDW are starting an auction site…this site will allow you to be able to bid on panties and other sexy things ladies will be offering in the future. The highest bidder will win the item they are bidding on and it will be shipped to you discreetly.  We had auctions a few years back but this is an actual site where you can go and bid on things………….sooooooooooooooo what would you want to see up for auction for me? Use the poll and let me know. I will only be offering up things if there is enough interest in it.

[polldaddy poll=10228247]


Once I have a clear idea of interest I will share what is up for auction and announce here and on social media when, where, and how you can own some of my personal sexy things. Think about it the only chance you have of getting in my panties is owning a pair or 10 hehehehe You can also think about what it is I have done in said panties or lingerie and if you are lucky I might even include some of those details in with your purchase hehehehehe.

Let the auction fun begin!

sissy panties