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It has been a minute since I did one of these random thoughts blogs and I am feeling a bit rantish today so pay me no mind….oh and if you get offended keep it moving nobody is making you read this…ha ha ha

First of all fuck you Florida for almost no winter the only reason I live here is for our lovely cooler winter temps!
Why do some people think being a cunt to everyone is okay? I don’t get it and then they wonder why nobody likes them…ummm hello CUNTY much?
People just don’t get grieving and how someone who is going through it has zero control over it…….no I wont move on……yes I am sad
Why do I get questioned about what I am doing in my life? I will do as I wish when I wish with whomever I wish to do it with.
My computer is being a dick again……the fucker!
Tomorrow is valentines day ya ya ya fuck off cupid
Counting your blessings when you are going though emotional and mental fucking hell sucks and I resent doing it.
I like fucking with you all on the phone it is my bright spot
I love controlling cocks and yes locking them up and denying them….this makes me fun not evil
wonder if Molly will wear nothing but heart panties for me tomorrow
I wonder if Ms Erika broke in the bed I helped her buy
Kodi by far is the cutest most amazing creature on this planet
I am addicted to tik tok and I need a 12 step program to get past this addiction. I blame my BBP for this addiction!
Holy fuck balls speaking of tik tok how many absolute psychos are on the fucking thing wow!
Doing what I do for a living is amazing but remember I am not beholding to anyone I come and go as I please. If you want me set something up…it is super easy
Being a demanding dick does not work with me….keep it moving

So there you have it my ranting rambling not so sexy or sweet thoughts….and if you are wondering what I plan to do on Valentines day see pic below