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So chastity can help with so many things but did you know it could also be used for weight control? Well I have a couple of pets right now that are either locked up or have the threat of being locked in chastity in a way to help them with weight control.

Lock up and lose

So as of right now my one pet is locked up and has to meet a certain goal of weight loss for even a chance at an orgasm or some touchy time. He has committed himself to this and in the first month of being locked he has lost 6 lbs. I am so proud of him but of course he has a goal of losing 5 lbs a month if he does not make the goal he will remain locked up till the following month. Of course during this time I am also turning him into a horny slut making him think about kinky things he never imagined!

Lose or be locked up

Yes my girl jemjem has been on a weight/chastity program for a few years now. This one is different she has to maintain a healthy weight ( pre determined) or she gets locked up. In the past 3 years  maybe even longer …she not only lost the weight she needed to at the start but has maintained a healthy weight. She has met or been below her goal all this time. Just the thought of no more edging keeps her focused and eating right.

How it works

Now if you need to make some changes and lose some weight consider this chastity program. You and I will have a session to discuss goals and expectations as well as consequences if you fail to lose weight. It would require sessions as well as monthly weigh ins and of course email communication. Let me make this clear I am not a dietitian I am simply someone who wants the best for my pets and that means their health too. Lets discuss your needs and your goals and get you feeling awesome!

chastity and weight loss